Trump Campaign Floored by Reporter's Question for Biden Regarding Hispanic Voters

Posted: Sep 15, 2020 12:28 PM
Trump Campaign Floored by Reporter's Question for Biden Regarding Hispanic Voters

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

When Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was about to board his flight to Tampa, Florida on Tuesday, a slew of reporters were waiting for him. But, once again, they weren't armed with serious questions. And one inquiry from a reporter may take the prize for biggest softball of the year.

"How are you going to handle the disinformation campaign targeting Latino voters?" the reporter wondered.

The Trump campaign couldn't believe their ears.

"Just tell the truth," Biden replied. "Everybody knows who Trump is. People are going to show up and vote."

The question comes after new reports that President Trump's anti-socialist message is winning over Hispanic voters in Florida. Cuban Americans in particular know all too well how socialism kills.

Meanwhile Biden is struggling to get the same numbers Hillary Clinton did four years ago. Clinton won the Hispanic vote in Florida by about 30 points in 2016. In 2020, Trump has the lead. An NBC/Marist poll showed the president with 50 percent support among Florida Hispanic voters, compared to 46 percent for Biden.

Why not a question from the press about that troublesome gap?

The Biden campaign appears to know something is up, as he is currently making his first visit to Florida as the nominee. The former VP is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in Kissimmee, near Orlando, on Tuesday. With Hispanic support slipping, Biden appears to be focused on winning the senior vote.

The media has up until this point given Biden no reason to fear them. At one of his few press conferences last week, reporters decided to focus on breathless reports about President Trump, and whether his demeanor was becoming of the Oval Office. It was a "real missed opportunity" to challenge the Democrat, Fox News's Chris Stirewalt noted.