Savannah Guthrie Throws Cold Water on Chuck Todd's 'Road to 270' Map for Biden

Posted: Aug 19, 2020 10:45 AM

"Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd was happy to have his interactive map back during his coverage of the DNC convention Tuesday night. And, he was smiling ear to ear as he explained how Joe Biden has an easy "Path to 270" in the November election.

"Right now, we would have Biden already with a win," Todd said. "He's got a 10-point lead nationally, and right now we have some of these big battleground states."

Todd pointed at Nevada, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan as all "lean Biden," meaning he has at least a 5-point lead in each state.

As for the toss up states they haven't assigned, like Iowa, Ohio, Georgia and Texas, Biden "doesn't have to win any of them and he'd still win the presidency with Barack Obama-like electoral vote numbers," Todd noted.

His colleague Savannah Guthrie, who is usually doing morning duty for the "TODAY" show, interjected to remind Todd that it was a similar story in 2016, when media and pollsters were convinced they had the numbers to give Hillary Clinton an easy win.

"For those who remember this movie from 2016 Chuck, when folks like you and all of us put up polls and put maps that said Hillary Clinton would win, and now you're showing a similar map, I think a lot of people are probably sitting home a little skeptical," Guthrie reasoned.

Todd laughed and relented, before presenting Trump's "narrow" path to victory. 

"In order for the president to get to this path, he needs a job approval rating north of 46 percent," Todd explained. "He's not been north of 45 in our poll for over a year. And he's going to have get his popular vote numbers to 47." 

"It's a very difficult path as things stand right now," he concluded.

Maybe. And maybe the polls are just as wrong as they were four years ago.