Sen. Tom Cotton on What Susan Rice Can Expect if She's the VP Pick

Posted: Aug 11, 2020 10:45 AM
Sen. Tom Cotton on What Susan Rice Can Expect if She's the VP Pick

Source: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

If former vice president Joe Biden picks Susan Rice as his running mate, he's going to have a hard time explaining away her foreign policy. Because, as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) put it, she was in the center of "every major debacle" of the Obama administration.

"Susan Rice was the Typhoid Mary of the Obama Administration foreign policy," Sen. Cotton (R-AR) said of the former national security adviser on Fox News.

"She consistently counseled appeasement toward China, she commanded that our military leaders in the Pacific not raise China's efforts to militarize the South China Sea and create bases out of rocks in the water to extend the range of their planes and their missiles," Cotton recalled.

He added that Rice "was right in the middle of the Iran nuclear deal," the appeasement of Russia, and the center of spying on the Trump campaign after the election.

I'd add another scandal: Her role in the misleading narrative about the Benghazi terror attacks on September 11, 2012. For weeks she went on TV and told Americans that the attacks, which concluded with four American deaths, were the result of a spontaneous YouTube video mocking Islam. In reality, we later learned, the attack was premeditated. YouTube had nothing to do with it.

Even the New York Times ran a piece this week from opinion columnist Bret Stephens entitled, "Susan Rice Was a Diplomatic Disaster," that focused on her questionable record in Africa.

"Most nominees face the jury of the American people," Cotton said. "Susan Rice would be the first to potentially face a grand jury as well."

Biden is expected to announce his running mate any moment now.