Dr. Fauci on Whether He Foresees a Second Shutdown

Posted: Jul 24, 2020 3:15 PM
Dr. Fauci on Whether He Foresees a Second Shutdown

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is still trying to shake off his appearance at the Washington Nationals home opener on Thursday. Not only was his throw from the mound way, way off target, but he's been mercilessly mocked for improperly wearing his mask at the game as well. He explained to Fox News that he was simply lowering his mask to take some sips of water.

Suffice it to say many Americans are fed up with Dr. Fauci's decision making during this pandemic. Conservative lawmakers like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) have confronted Fauci about his arbitrary guidance for Americans and his doom and gloom predictions. 

Countless media reports have suggested that Fauci doesn't get along with President Trump either, and Trump has done little to refute those reports by admitting Fauci has been wrong on some issues and retweeting a tweet calling for him to be fired. But the doctor insists President Trump is still on his side.

“It’s good, John," Dr. Fauci told Fox News's John Roberts on Friday. "Seriously, I’m not just saying for the sake of saying it. You know, I had a nice long conversation with the president just a few days ago. It was really a good conversation. It was constructive. It was good. I believe we’ve always had and still to this day have a good relationship, and I’m sure, as you know you ask the president, he would say the same thing and he’s being honest about it.”

In recent days Trump has surprised us by advocating for mask wearing, and actually wearing a mask in public for the first time. He also noted that the outbreak will get "worse before it gets better." Dr. Fauci commended the president for his shift in tone.

"I think what’s happening is you're seeing an evolution of a realization of the reality of what’s going on, and I believe he’s adjusting to that right now and acting accordingly," Fauci said. "So you know, I’m very, in many respects, positively responding to that because that’ll set a good example for the rest of the country.”

Dr. Fauci told Roberts that even though coronavirus cases are rising in some southern states, he doesn't think it will be necessary for a second U.S. shutdown if we stay the course. 

"It could come to that," he said. "You always got to leave that on the table but I think we can probably get around what we’re doing now and put a lid on it and stop this surging by just being a bit more cautious."

He urged people to keep doing the "fundamental things" such as wearing masks, avoiding crowded places, social distance, close the bars, wash your hands.

"If we just do that, I believe we can have a major step in the direction that we want to go.”