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Watch Biden Ignore All His Own Coronavirus Advice

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Sunday's one-on-one presidential debate from the CNN studio in Washington, D.C. featured the last men standing, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. As expected, the majority of their discussion centered on the coronavirus. They said some of the right things that Americans needed to hear, including the need to practice social distancing, washing your hands obsessively, and taking special care of the elderly. But the visuals were another thing. For instance, former Vice President Biden answered CNN's first question about the disease by coughing right into his hand. That was a great indication of how the rest of the debate would go.


A few minutes later, he forgot the name of the virus we're currently battling.

It's pretty surreal that Biden would mix up coronavirus with H1N1, and get that name wrong too, considering that pandemic broke during the Obama administration. He also jumped the gun on the new coronavirus emergency relief bill in Congress.

Following those mixups, Biden instructed the audience to avoid touching their faces. This was just after he touched his hand to his forehead. 


Sanders didn't have a completely orthodox campaign appearance either. He was caught coughing and sniffling too.

So, yeah, we couldn't help ourselves.

Now they didn't do everything wrong. At the outset of the debate, the two candidates avoided the traditional handshake and opted for an elbow bump instead.

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