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'Get Stuffed': Sky News Australia Anchor Offers a Brutal Analysis of the UK Elections

AP Photo/Matt Dunham

We've heard some brutal autopsies of the Labour Party following their historic defeat in last week's UK elections. But none were perhaps as brutal as the analysis provided by Sky News Australia anchor Rita Panahi. 


"Labour's hard left policies have been wholeheartedly rejected by the electorate," Panahi observed after the vote. But that wasn't all. She also gave viewers this hyphen-heavy tongue twister.

"Brits went to the polls and told the hard left institutionally anti-Semitic, Brexit-blocking, identity politics obsessed, climate changed hysterics of the Labour Party, led by terror sympathizing socialist simpleton Jeremy Corbyn to get stuffed," according to the anchor.

We couldn't say it much better ourselves. It was the Conservatives' best result since 1987 and Labour's worst showing since 1935. As Panahi mentioned, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn did plenty of damage to the party on his own. He was massively unpopular, for a few reasons. He failed to stamp out or even speak out against the systemic anti-Semitism in the Labour party, he's a socialist, and he just doesn't seem all that friendly. Under his "leadership," Labour also provided no concrete plan for Brexit, telling voters that they'd have the chance to maybe vote in a second referendum. The Tories, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, meanwhile, campaigned on getting Brexit done once and for all. Which of those messages sounds more reassuring to you?


"For three years the establishment, or the elite, or if you prefer the swamp, has succeeded in blocking Brexit," Panahi said in the now viral segment. "Let this be a lesson who think they're entitled to block the will of the people."

Panahi's social media followers went wild with the clip, to which she replied it simply "had to be said."

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