Democrat AG Projected to Deny Matt Bevin Re-election

Posted: Nov 05, 2019 10:08 PM
Democrat AG Projected to Deny Matt Bevin Re-election

Source: AP Photo/Adam Beam

UPDATE: Gov. Bevin says he's not conceding the race.

Bevin told a group of supporters in Louisville Tuesday night that he is aware of several voting "irregularities" and his campaign wants the process to be fairly followed. They are "not conceding this race by any stretch."


Kentucky's Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear has reportedly denied Gov. Matt Bevin re-election. The race was razor thin, with recent polling showing the two men tied at 46 percent a few days ahead of voting.

Bevin was voted the most unpopular governor in the country in July, according to Morning Consult. He clocked in a 56 percent disapproval rating and a 32 percent approval.

President Trump, on the other hand, remains popular in Kentucky. In recent weeks Bevin nationalized his campaign, sounding off on the Democrats' impeachment inquiry against Trump. Like today when an NBC News reporter confronted Bevin to ask what Washington politics had to do with Kentucky and the governor asked him if he "lived under a rock."

President Trump rallied with Bevin in Lexington on Monday, where he affectionately called the governor "a pain in the ass" because he works so hard on behalf of Kentuckians.

The governor's race may have been a setback for Kentucky Republicans, but they have reason to cheer after Daniel Cameron's historic victory in the race for attorney general. He'll be Kentucky's first African American attorney general, and the first Republican attorney general since 1948.

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