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Planned Parenthood Fires President Leana Wen

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen announced on Twitter Tuesday that she's president no more. Apparently, the company blindsided her about her firing.


According to her full statement, Dr. Wen says that she and the board had "philosophical differences" over the company's future. She had wanted to pursue a range of reproductive services, but the board reportedly wanted to double down on abortion.

Dr. Wen took over as president last year following the departure of Cecile Richards and was the first physician in nearly 50 years to lead the organization, Planned Parenthood noted. She had the job for just eight months. 

Pro-life groups have often noted that Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion giant in the country and is all about profit. But Wen pushed back at that narrative.

“The accurate representation of what we at Planned Parenthood do is reproductive healthcare, abortion is part of reproductive healthcare," Wen said in defense.


She tended to contradict herself quite a lot, such as when she rejected, then claimed the term, "pro-life."

“I also reject the term pro-life,” she said last November. “I’m a doctor, I went to medical school, I trained to save lives. I’m pro-life, I’m pro-women, I’m pro-family, I’m pro-patient and it’s important for us to go beyond these labels to talk about what it is that we want at the end of the day which is that we are a society that trusts women.”

Editor's Note: This piece has been updated with Dr. Wen's full statement.

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