Here's How the Virginia GOP Responded When Dems Tried to Accuse Them of Division ...

Posted: Mar 05, 2019 11:15 AM
Here's How the Virginia GOP Responded When Dems Tried to Accuse Them of Division ...

Source: AP Photo/Steve Helber

You may remember that Virginia Democrats are dealing with scandal. The media all but forgot about them after the alleged Jussie Smollett hoax began to dominate the news. But, the truth remains that the top Democrats in Virginia are dealing with blackface conspiracies and sexual assault allegations. Gov. Ralph Northam apologized for a racist photo in his medical school yearbook that showed two individuals wearing a KKK hood and blackface. After that, Attorney General Mark Herring admitted he did blackface too. Then, two women accused Lieutenant Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual harassment. All three men have rejected calls to resign.

With that in mind, the Virginia Democrats had to gall to accuse their Old Dominion counterparts of "dividing" citizens.

The Republicans didn't need to look far for some comeback ammunition.

Before admitting to his own experience with blackface, the hypocritical Herring had actually demanded the governor resign. After a month, he is now explaining that's not so much because Northam may have done blackface, but because he flip flopped on his apology.

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"The governor had said he was in the [blackface] photo, apologized for it," Herring said on Tuesday. "The next day, the governor came out with a different and contradictory account, and that was when there was an erosion of trust. That was what my [resignation] statement was about. . . . It was really about the public trust. I would hold myself to the same standard."

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