Cuomo Suggests He Also Got a Dangerous Suspicious Package, Says Trump Hasn't Stepped Up

Posted: Oct 25, 2018 10:25 AM
Cuomo Suggests He Also Got a Dangerous Suspicious Package, Says Trump Hasn't Stepped Up

Despite what he suggested in a recent press conference, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was not the most recent target of domestic terrorism in the form of a suspicious package this week. Nine people have been targeted so far, the last two being actor Robert De Niro and former Vice President Joe Biden.

A package was sent to Cuomo's Manhattan office, but it was benign. In the packet was a letter and a flash drive containing information about the far-right group The Proud Boys. Before Cuomo even knew what the contents were, he announced to reporters that authorities had intercepted a "device" in his office, suggesting he had been the latest target of a mailed explosive. 

The NYPD quickly corrected him. 

Still, the governor rightfully took action.

"Out of an abundance of caution, I am deploying 100 additional National Guard soldiers and directing State law enforcement to double security at vital assets across New York," he said.

On CNN Thursday morning, Cuomo predicted there will be more. Yet, he noted that that would work against the culprit, because he or she will be leaving yet more fingerprints.

"The more packages they send, the more likely we'll find them," Cuomo said. 

The other pipe bombs have so far been sent to former President Obama, Hillary Clinton, liberal billionaire George Soros, former CIA Director John Brennan, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and the CNN offices.

The common denominator? All of the targets are outspoken critics of President Trump. In an interview with his little brother Chris Cuomo on CNN Wednesday night, the governor suggested Trump is not doing enough to stop the violence. 

Others are outright blaming Trump and his fiery rhetoric against the media is to blame for this bout of domestic terrorism.

Thankfully, the Secret Service has been able to obtain all of the dangerous mail before anyone was harmed.