CNN Anchor Confronts Sen. Baldwin on Immigration: Did You Speak Up During Obama Admin?

Posted: Jun 21, 2018 4:15 PM

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) is among the crop of Democrats suddenly sparking outrage over the condition of immigration detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border. Images of children placed in cages have been going viral. The problem is, the conditions are largely the same as they had been under President Obama. 

In fact, some of the photos being circulated look eerily similar to those taken in 2014.

Baldwin was going on about the Trump White House's terrible policy on CNN, until Brooke Baldwin asked the senator if she was just as outraged during the Obama years. Not exactly, but she did her best to try and hide it.

“In numbers of cases,” she recalled. “I remember a constituent who was in detention at the border arguably very inappropriately and we raised our voice in that instance and many others. We’ve got to do this now in unison. It’s not enough to do it case-by-case.”

In one particularly disturbing case out of Virginia, immigrant children allege that a detention center abused them, stripped them, and placed them in solitary confinement in the years 2015 and 2016. The Associated Press doesn't provide the dates until about the 20th paragraph, which leaves the reader thinking the violence happened under Trump's watch.

Shortly after meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, Trump signed an executive order that will keep illegal immigrant families at the border together. He too made note of the state of detention facilities under his predecessor.