Why No Apology? Democrats Pretty Much Unanimous in Bill Clinton Confusion

Posted: Jun 06, 2018 8:50 AM
Why No Apology? Democrats Pretty Much Unanimous in Bill Clinton Confusion

Democrats are unanimous in their condemnation of Bill Clinton this week. The former president had a disastrous interview with NBC's Craig Melvin in which he both refused to personally apologize to Monica Lewinsky and suggested he was the real victim in their 1990s White House affair. He tried to walk back his defensive comments hours after they aired.

But, the damage had been done with Democrats.

Mika Brzezinski, who has been disenchanted with the Clintons for awhile, suggested that the former president's recent comments were the last straw. Democrats don't need the Clintons, she said matter-of-factly on "Morning Joe" Monday. Another MSNBC panelist suggested the former president's comments could be career ending.

"And so what you saw there, I think is the end of Bill Clinton's life as a public figure in this country," MSNBC political commentator Steve Schmidt said. "Because of that interview I don't think he's campaigning anywhere ever again unless he can clean it up and fix it pretty quickly."

Marie Harf, in her turn as a guest anchor on "Outnumbered," was confused by Clinton's non-apology.

"How is he so incapable of addressing this like a person?" Harf wondered, adding that Clinton's NBC interview made her "uncomfortable."

Democratic strategist Doug Schoen also could not explain Clinton's behavior. "I honestly don't know" what he was thinking, Schoen, a Fox News contributor, told Dana Perino Tuesday.

No wonder Democrats want distance from Clinton this election cycle.

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