'Morning Joe' Panel Says Bill Clinton's #MeToo Comments Could Be The End of His Career

Posted: Jun 04, 2018 3:00 PM

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough slammed former president Bill Clinton Monday after Clinton defended his behavior in the Lewinsky scandal claiming he “did the right thing” and did not owe Lewinsky an apology. One commentator on the panel said the remarks were the end of Clinton’s public life.

"And so what you saw there, I think is the end of Bill Clinton's life as a public figure in this country," MSNBC political commentator Steve Schmidt said. "Because of that interview I don't think he's campaigning anywhere ever again unless he can clean it up and fix it pretty quickly."

Joe Scarborough agreed that Clinton was facing a pretty serious dilemma.

"If he wants to go out and campaign in 2018 which he should, do you own up to the fact that Monica Lewinsky's life has been ruined?” he asked. “That you still have Juanita Broaddrick suffering what she went through. Do you own up to it or do you continue to be Clinton-esque and legalist? Because I think people would forgive him if he said I am so sorry."

"It has been for decades an unbelievable double standard that the Clintons have used and abused where nobody is allowed to go there on this issue and in the age of ‘Me Too,' women are supposed to go there," Brzezinski emphasized.

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"My God, he sounded like [President] Trump. He sounded incapable of owning anything," she added. “I’ve never been more moved by an interview and I really appreciate that Craig Melvin asked those questions and brought that entire interview to a stop and stayed with it, finally, finally.”

Scarborough argued that Democrats still “desperately need” Bill Clinton, calling him a “brilliant tactician,” but Brzezinski disagreed, claiming the party no longer needs Bill or Hillary Clinton.

"As for Democrats, Democrats don't need him, they don't need Hillary. We don't need them," Brzezinski said.