Here's Why People Now Think 'American Idol' Is Racist

Posted: Apr 30, 2018 8:40 AM

"Good job at being racist and homophobic, American Idol." Those aren't my words, but they're the sentiments of plenty of fans after Sunday night's Disney-themed episode.

After last night's votes were tallied, four of the show's minority contestants found themselves in elimination contention. Ada Vox, a drag queen, Jurnee, an openly gay and black contestant, Michelle Sussett, an immigrant from Venezuela, and Dennis Lorenzo, an African-American male, received the least votes after their performances. Jurnee was the only one to escape elimination. 

These four contestants were in the bottom because this is "Trump's America," according to some upset viewers.

Some pointed out that perhaps the new voting system could explain Dennis's elimination. For the first time ever, "Idol" viewers could start voting during the show. Since Dennis sang last, he seemed to be at a disadvantage. Maybe the problem was procedural and not cultural? It's also worth noting that Michael Woodward, another black contestant, made it through to the top seven.

Still though, people are blaming the president and his supporters for the eliminations.

African-American contestants have won "American Idol" in past seasons, including Season Two's Ruben Studdard, Season Three's Fantasia Barrino, Season Six's Jordin Sparks, and Season Twelve's Candice Glover.