Cuomo Likens Himself to an 'Undocumented Immigrant'... Immigrant Groups Fire Back

Posted: Apr 20, 2018 10:15 AM

In a new effort to empathize with illegal immigrants, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared himself to be one of them himself in a bill signing ceremony Thursday.

“I’m undocumented," Cuomo declared at the ceremony, where he signed legislation to protection union membership. "You want to deport an undocumented person, start with me because I’m an undocumented person.”

The governor also explained that he and his family know what it means to be a victim of racial prejudice.

“I’m an Italian-American," he explained. "I came from poor Italian-Americans who came here. You know what they called Italian-Americans back in the day? They called them wops. You know what wop stood for? Without papers.”

Some pointed out the insensitivity of Cuomo's comments.

In fact, immigrant groups were offended. even got in on the act, trolling Cuomo with the actual definition of "undocumented."