Bill Maher: It's Unfair for Texas to Ask for Federal Aid

Posted: Sep 10, 2017 11:05 AM
Bill Maher: It's Unfair for Texas to Ask for Federal Aid

As Texans reflect and recover from the devastation that came with Hurricane Harvey, comedian Bill Maher told his audience Saturday night that the survivors have no right to ask for federal aid. Texans have a "low tax base," he argued. Oh, and they don't believe in climate change. Why should Washington bail them out?

"These places that got flooded, like Texas, okay, they have a low tax base," Maher said on his show "Real Time" on Friday. "So, the federal government bails them out. Their governors, their legislators they don’t believe in climate science."

"It seems like the responsible folks in this country, the people who pay a little more taxes and the people who believe in climate change are bailing out the people who hate government, except when they need government when they’re in trouble," he continued. "That seems a little unfair." (The Hill)

Maher was serious. So were these outraged Twitter users, who came to the Lone Star State's defense.

Harvey survivors faced not only a deadly storm, but catastrophic flooding. Seventy people are believed to have lost their lives in the storm. In the midst of tragedy, however, we witnessed countless scenes of bravery as men and women placed themselves in danger to pull off some incredible rescues. Other heroes like Houston Texans player J.J. Watt stepped up financially. His charity has now raised over $30 million.

Against Maher's wishes, President Trump just signed a $15 billion relief package for Harvey survivors.