An Inconvenient Truth: Gore Destroyed in Book Sales By Author Upending His Claims

Posted: Sep 05, 2017 5:15 PM has Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" e-book currently ranked at #51,031 for purchases in the Kindle Store. It is a poor showing for arguably the world's most (in)famous climate alarmist.

His competition happens to be climatologist Roy Spencer, whose own e-book, “An Inconvenient Deception,” debunks about every claim Gore makes in his book. Spencer's is ranked #1,201 in the Kindle Store.

Not exactly the position Gore was hoping to be in after revealing his much hyped sequel to his 2006 film.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Spencer had an inkling why Gore has failed to market his new project.

“There are three big weaknesses in Gore’s new movie: science, economics and energy policy,” he said.


Spencer goes on to explain how Gore misinforms the public in his film at several points. For instance, when he suggests that humans have contributed to the flooding in Miami.

“Sea level has been rising steadily at about 1 inch per decade for over 150 years, long before CO2 emissions could be blamed,” Spencer said, noting one of Gore’s most egregious deceptions in the film.

“In Miami Beach, the rise is double because the buildings were built on reclaimed swamp, which is now sinking,” Spencer said. “Video of glaciers calving and Greenland melting is another example, it happens every year, just as it has for thousands of years, and 2017 was a huge snow accumulation year with little melting.”

Gore's "Inconvenient Sequel" isn't even getting much love from environmental activists. Instead of highlighting the grassroots climate movement, Gore portrays himself "almost as some kind of climate messiah," one reviewer laments.