ABC Anchor Grills Falwell on Trump Support After Charlottesville

Posted: Aug 21, 2017 11:00 AM

President Trump's public defenders have been few and far between lately. Fox News's Shepard Smith revealed that his network asked Republicans to come on his show and defend the president's Charlottesville remark, but could not find even one to accept the invitation.

ABC's Martha Raddatz was more successful. She found a Trump supporter in Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. On her program Sunday, he explained that Trump made "bold and truthful statements" when he called evil and terrorism by name - something he says President Obama failed to do.

“The bold and truthful statements I was talking about was the willingness to identify the groups, the Nazis, the KKK, the white supremacists by name,” Falwell answered, pointing to Trump’s Monday statement and not his Tuesday presser. “That is something a leader should do.”

Raddatz pressed Falwell, however, on one particular part of Trump's press conference where he insisted there were some "very fine people" at the white nationalist Charlottesville rally who were just there to protest the removal of a Confederate statue. Falwell again defended the president, suggesting he has "inside information" the rest of America does not. 

Falwell admitted that Trump could be more "polished" in his public comments, but the reason Falwell is such a fan of the president's is because he does not care about political correctness. One thing is for sure, Trump does not believe there is "moral equivalency" between neo-Nazis and counter protesters, Falwell said.

Falwell reiterated his arguments on "Fox & Friends" Monday morning, explaining why Trump should be commended not only for his response to Charlottesville, but his policy agenda.

"President Trump does not have a racist bone in his body," Falwell said in earnest. "He's worked so hard to help minorities in the inner cities, to bring jobs back."

Liberty University graduates, who expressed their frustration over their president's full throated support of Donald Trump since early on in the 2016 campaign, are still fuming. Some are even returning diplomas.

The president, however, is appreciative of Falwell's words.