Hey Dems, Trump and the GOP Just Signed Bills to Help Women, Black Colleges

Posted: Feb 28, 2017 3:15 PM

The liberal narrative against Republicans has long relied on charges of racism and sexism. The new GOP-led Congress is blowing those characterizations out of the water. Just this week, they took steps to encourage women in business, while President Trump signed legislation supporting historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

House Speaker Paul Ryan was happy to sign the Inspire Women Act on Monday, which directs NASA to encourage women and girls to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), in their pursuit of careers in aerospace, according to the bill's text.

The bill reached President Trump's desk on Tuesday and he happily signed it.

Also in the Oval Office, Trump and his administration hosted dozens of representatives of predominantly black colleges as part of his plan to rebuild the relationship between the White House and HBCUs.

“You deserve far more credit than you get, and know that beginning today, this administration is committed to making sure that our historically black colleges and universities get the credit and the attention they deserve,” Vice President Mike Pence told them. “Get ready for a great and energetic partnership in the days ahead.”

In conjunction with this meeting, Trump signed an executive order making HBCUs a "priority" of the White House.

Of course, the media didn’t adequately cover these historic moments because they were too busy freaking out over White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway putting her feet on the Oval Office couch and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos making supposedly controversial comments.