Meghan McCain Calls Out Dem Hypocrisy After They Try to Defend Her Dad

Posted: Feb 10, 2017 3:30 PM

Meghan McCain did not care for President Trump (again) attacking her father and questioning his military credentials. This week, when Sen. John McCain said he’d caution Trump from using the word “successful” when describing the Yemen raid that resulted in the loss of a U.S. Navy SEAL, Trump said on Twitter the Arizona senator has no right to talk because he has “lost” for so long. Meghan McCain also took her grievances to Twitter, asking Trump how he can dare criticize her father’s service when he has never worn the nation’s uniform.

Yet, when Democrats chimed in, McCain aimed her wrath at them instead. Former Gov. Howard Dean noticed McCain’s tweet and told her to embrace her inner Democrat. His party, Dean claimed, actually appreciates “war heroes” like her dad.

Ms. McCain saw right through it.

She’s not exaggerating. In 2008, when her dad was running for president, Democrats compared him to segregationist Alabama Gov. George Wallace, charging that he and Sarah Palin were "sowing seeds of hatred." Not exactly the definition of a red carpet welcome.

In addition to Dean, other Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Bill Nelson tried to come to John McCain’s defense in light of the president's tweets.