Former Governor Slams Trump For Tying Berlin Attack to ISIS...Right As They Claim Responsibility

Posted: Dec 20, 2016 4:30 PM

President-elect Donald Trump came out strongly against the attack on the Berlin Christmas market on Monday, claiming that the victims' blood was on the hands of Islamic extremists.

Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico, told MSNBC's Ali Velshi that the president-elect is too quick to jump to conclusions. His "inflammatory charges," Richardson said, are only bolstering the real culprits.

“I’d like to say something supportive of the President-elect,” Richardson said. “But, you know, to frame this attack as a clash of civilizations, Christians against Muslims, it helps ISIS recruit. It helps inflame the situation.”

Well, about the same time Richardson was chatting with MSNBC, ISIS did claim responsibility for the Berlin attack.

Trump faced a similar criticism during the 2016 campaign, when Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton also claimed his rhetoric was helping ISIS recruitment because his words were being used in propaganda videos.

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