Why Kellyanne Conway Isn't Worried About FBI Conclusion

Posted: Nov 06, 2016 5:15 PM

"It doesn't change anything," Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway said of the FBI's decision to keep its same conclusion from July not to indict Hillary Clinton. The Democratic nominee may have escaped again, but Conway told Fox News' Neil Cavuto on Sunday it does not hide the fact that Clinton was extremely careless with our national security secrets.

Clinton’s behavior “disqualifies” her from the presidency, Conway concluded.

Yet, Cavuto wondered if this will hinder the Trump campaign's momentum.

No, Conway said, for two reasons.

One, polling still shows a majority of Americans believes she's dishonest. 

"If they thought otherwise, she'd be way ahead in this race," Conway said. "We have her on the run." 

Trump has never intended to make the FBI scandal a centerpiece of his messaging, she noted, instead focusing on issues like repealing and replacing Obamacare.

The second reason she said the Trump campaign is not concerned is because of the turnout. At his Minnesota rally on Sunday, he had 22,000 RSVPs. Some people, Conway said, were abandoning their cars to come and hear his message. 

In other words, this latest news has not knocked their confidence.