If More Tapes Leak, Trump Vows to Be More Vocal About Bill Clinton's Infidelities

Posted: Oct 11, 2016 12:00 PM

Reports hint that more Trump bombshells like the shocking tapes released over the weekend are on their way.

Bring it on - but beware, Trump warned on Monday.

“If they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we’ll continue to talk about Bill and Hillary Clinton doing inappropriate things,” said Trump at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, referring to the release of recorded audio last week showing him making comments about groping women in 2005. 

Trump already proved he's not afraid to mention former President Bill Clinton's infidelities at Sunday's debate. Before the showdown against Hillary, Trump hosted a surprise press conference with three of Bill Clinton's past accusers, as well as a woman who was raped at age 12 and whose attacker was defended by Hillary Clinton in court. The four women detailed how the Clintons took advantage of them. 

These four women were also present at the debate and it was quite a striking moment when Trump pointed to them on stage and called out Clinton as he was sitting right in the front row.

Those four women, Trump promised, will not be forgotten.

“[Bill Clinton] was a predator. Hillary Clinton systematically attacked and discredited the victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment and assault. These things aren’t written by the media but they’re true.”