Wash U Students 'Welcome' Trump and Clinton to Campus With These Entertaining Signs

Posted: Oct 09, 2016 9:30 PM
St. Louis, MO - I had a chance to walk through the Washington University campus ahead of Sunday night's second showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As one would expect in a large group of college students, many of the students were carrying Clinton-Kaine signs. Yet, the other half of campus were not pleased with either choice. I'll let the signs do the talking.

As you can guess, many of the students were not fans of Mr. Trump. 

The Trump tapes were especially on many students' minds.

Then again, students were also not enthralled with the alternative.

Others were ticked off that third party candidates did not get their say. A large group of Green Party activists were protesting in favor of "open debates" to allow Jill Stein on stage. A smattering of Gary Johnson supporters also made their voice heard on campus. Asked about Johnson's recent foreign policy flaps, they said, "He had a brain fart," but "that's something that can be fixed."

Others, meanwhile, shared their frustration for the media. This young woman, named Maddie, said "Fox News can go Fox themselves" because they've clearly endorsed Donald Trump. When asked for proof, she said they offer more airtime to pro-Trump guests than the other networks.

And here are a few signs that were just plain fun.

These guys win.