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Trump: DOJ Cannot Be Trusted, Get a Special Prosecutor on the Clinton Foundation Case

During a campaign rally in Akron, Ohio on Monday, Donald Trump demanded some changes be made in the investigation into whether former Hillary Clinton gave the Clinton Foundation special access to the State Department while she was serving as secretary of state. The DOJ, he said, should step aside and let someone else do the job. Here was the headline-making moment.

"The Justice Department is required to appoint an independent special prosecutor because it has proven itself to be a political arm of the White House," Trump said.

Many would agree Trump has a point. Earlier this summer, when FBI Director James Comey laid out the agency's findings about former Secretary of State Clinton's use of a private server, every word he said suggested they were going pursue criminal charges against her. She was "extremely careless," Comey said, in her handling of classified intel. Yet, at the end of his remarks, the director said Clinton's actions did not quite justify an indictment. As such, Clinton escaped accountability.


With the Department of Justice leading the charge into Clinton's "new crimes," according to Trump, Clinton may again get off scot-free.

Enough is enough, said the GOP nominee. No more of President Obama's appointees should be on this case. With the presidential election fast approaching, they just can't be trusted to do their jobs with a neutral lens.

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