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Target Expanding Bathroom Options After Criticism of Transgender Policy

Target Corporation probably didn’t expect their stocks to fall after it decided to allow customers to use whichever restroom corresponds to their “gender identity.”


The American Family Association, who charged that Target’s new policy would make women and children vulnerable to sexual predators, led a boycott effort that has now garnered almost 1.5 million signatures.

In the month following the “inclusivity” announcement, Target's stock took a noticeable hit.

When Target announced its policy on April 19, its stock was valued at $83.50 per share.  Now, one month later and after a massive outcry from the public which included over 1.2 million people signing AFA's petition, Target stock is $67.17 per share.  

Families’ fears came to fruition this summer when a man who identifies as transgender was caught snapping pictures of a female customer in a Target women’s fitting room.

Now, however, Target thinks it has a solution – they’re adding an extra bathroom to most of its stores.

Target(TGT)CFO Cathy Smith said Wednesday that the company has heard objections to the transgender bathroom policy from some customers, though she said other customers had voiced support. In response, Target has decided to expand its use of a third, single-toilet bathroom at all of its stores, which can be locked by users.

That bathroom can be used by any customer who needs some privacy, including parents with small children of a different gender or those who are uncomfortable with a public bathroom in which a transgender person is allowed.


Most of Target’s stores already have this single occupancy restroom, but all will be equipped with one by 2017. The project is set to cost about $20 million.

Is an extra, supposedly private bathroom really going to appease concerned parents who are fed up with Target’s social agenda? 

A local Wal-Mart is usually not that far away.

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