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'U.S. Deserves Better': China Responds to Trump's China-bashing

China has been a favorite target of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on the campaign trail this year. In his speech on economic policy Monday in Detroit, he again accused China of manipulating its currency and engaging in shady trade dealings. Those practices would end with him in the White House, Trump said, amidst cheers from the audience.


This time, however, China's Xinhua News Agency has also responded to the candidate.

"China-bashing is a recurring theme every four years, and by now it's become quite dull," Xinhua said. "Let's hope the next time around that future presidential (contenders) have something more substantial to say about America's relationship with China. U.S. voters deserve better."

Xinhua also scoffed at the idea that Trump would improve trade relations between the two nations. Trump is only attacking China's economic practices to boost his poll numbers, they insisted.

The agency did not say whether Hillary Clinton was that "better" candidate.

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