'That's Not Fair': Hillary Pushes Back at Chris Wallace For Noting She Never Mentioned Terrorism in Benghazi Remarks at Andrews Base

Posted: Jul 31, 2016 12:00 PM
In Hillary Clinton's first sit down interview since becoming the 2016 Democratic nominee, Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace confronted her with some tough questions about her misleading the American public about the terror attack in Benghazi. Particularly, Wallace pointed out that her remarks at Joint Base Andrews following the September 11, 2012 attack did not feature the word "terrorism."

"That's not fair," Clinton responded.

If you look at her whole speech, she insisted, you'd see that she quoted others who had talked about terrorism and that she had made clear prior to her speech that the Benghazi ambush was terrorism.

"There was no doubt it was terrorism," she concluded.

The confusion that arose from her remarks were "exploited" by the media, she said.

In another puzzling exchange in which Clinton refused to face reality, Wallace asked Clinton about FBI Director James Comey's assessment of her email use, which he called "careless." Clinton claimed his remarks were "consistent" with what she's told the American people. Namely, that she never sent or received classified intel. That, however, is not what Comey told the 

Clinton claims she read the entire transcript of Comey's remarks, yet how closely remains to be seen. In his testimony, Comey clearly contradicted Clinton's claim to innocence in regards to the mishandling of classified emails.

It is dismissive answers like these that help explain why Clinton's trustworthy numbers are so low.

(H/T America Rising)