In Epic Rant, Trump Explains How Cruz ‘Dishonorably’ Doctored His Speech

Posted: Jul 22, 2016 11:05 AM

“Somebody got booed the hell out of the place,” Trump noted in a speech to his volunteers Friday morning as the Republican National Convention wrapped up. “There wasn’t one person who was with him,” Trump said, including the Texas delegation.

Of course, Trump was referring to Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) controversial speech on Wednesday night, where he failed to endorse the Republican nominee and seemingly offered a nod to the “Never Trump” movement by telling voters to “vote their conscience” in November.

Trump’s Friday remarks were supposed to focus on the thank yous - and he did for the most part, spending a few particular moments thanking the secret service and the Cleveland police, but he felt compelled to respond to Cruz’s antics.

“He may have ruined his political career,” Trump said. “He’ll come and endorse because he has no choice.”  

Yet, if he gives his endorsement, Trump said “he will not accept it.”

The GOP nominee then explained what happened Wednesday night.

“I saw his speech,” Trump said. His team told him it’s a "boring speech" and the Texas senator even congratulates him for his nomination.

Then, when Cruz stepped up to the podium, he added a sentence, “which could have been viewed as a nasty thing and implying something,” Trump said.

“That’s dishonorable,” he added. “To me not signing a pledge is dishonorable.”

“I don’t want his endorsement,” Trump repeated. “Ted, just stay home, relax.”

Controversy aside, Trump spent some time remarking on the movement they’ve created. What they’ve done is in the history books, he said.

Yet, “it doesn’t matter unless we beat Hillary Clinton.”