Hip Hillary Dates Back to 1964 With New Anti-Trump Ad

Posted: Jul 18, 2016 10:30 AM

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is reaching way back in time with its newest anti-Donald Trump ad. In its “Confessions of a Republican II” spot, Republican actor Bill Bogert explains why he can’t vote for his party’s nominee and that he believes the GOP is making a “mistake” this week in Cleveland. He’s going to “vote against that mistake,” i.e. he’s voting for Clinton.

“Trump says we need unpredictability when it comes to using nuclear weapons,” Bogert says in the video. “What is that supposed to mean? When a man says that, he sounds a lot like a threat to humanity.” 

Bogert was featured in the original “Confessions of a Republican” ad in 1964 in which he said he couldn’t vote for GOP nominee Barry Goldwater.

Who in the Clinton camp signed off on this? It couldn’t have been someone who wants to narrow her gap with millennials. Is this ad really going to resonate with young people who have no idea who Bogert is?