Bystanders Faint, Then Get Denied Entry After Waiting in Heat for Hours at Poorly Run Hillary Rally

Posted: Jul 14, 2016 3:37 PM

Annandale, VA - A rally in Northern Virginia for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) descended into chaos as multiple people ended up in an ambulance waiting to get into the Ernst Gymnasium at Northern Virginia Community College on Thursday.

Hillary for America organizers failed to hand out water bottles in the 96-plus degree heat until the end of the line and likewise didn't tell those waiting there was free water right inside of an adjacent building.

It was a terrifying scene as more than five people fainted, prompting the need for multiple ambulances to arrive on the scene.

In an especially disturbing moment, one elderly woman fainted right in front of me before security as organizers confusedly scrambled to find an EMT. A young man who wasn't even a volunteer was forced to grab her as she collapsed.

Then, once fans finally made it inside the venue - after a scorching hour and a half - organizers informed them the gym was over capacity and directed them to an overflow room to watch the event on a screen. Prior to the event, however, all people were asked to do was "RSVP and you'll get in."

They were not pleased.

Poor communication. Even worse optics.

One voter did say she found a "silver lining" after all was said and done: "At least I didn't faint."