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Hillary Releases New Ad About Trump 'Admiring' Dangerous Dictators

Hillary Clinton's presidential team is exploiting a series of comments Donald Trump has made about some of the world's most ruthless dictators in a new ad. Entitled "Dictators," the new campaign spot features several instances in which Trump appeared to be "impressed" by the likes of Kim Jong-un, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Vladimir Putin. In particular, Trump has often praised their style of combating terrorism.

In a campaign event last week, Trump predicted the media would seize upon his comments about Saddam Hussein and spin a narrative that he loves dictators. The GOP candidate repeated several times that he "hates" Hussein, but couldn't deny he was "damn good" at killing terrorists.

Nevertheless, the media and the Clinton camp have indeed used his own words against him. 

"These are the leaders Trump admires," the ad says. "What kind of president would he be?" 

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