Trump: Media Focused on Star of David To Get Off FBI News

Posted: Jul 07, 2016 8:00 AM
Trump: Media Focused on Star of David To Get Off FBI News

Donald Trump has a theory as to why the media were so obsessed with his recent anti-Hillary tweet that featured a star pundits say resembled the star of David. 

They are focusing on the tweet to "get off FBI news" regarding Hillary's emails, Trump insisted at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio on Wednesday night.

It was an anti-Semitic message, many media figures insisted. Trump pushed back at that assumption, noting he has Jewish family members he loves and admires. If anything, the star looked more like a sheriff's badge than the star of David, he said.

Trump then sounded off on outlets like CNN for wasting coverage on the non-scandal. 

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Walter E. Williams

"These are sick people," he said.

Unlike the media, Trump put Clinton's email scandal in the spotlight at his rally, spending several minutes reading all of the former secretary of state's false statements.

"She has got bad judgment," he said, while also offering her a new nickname - "dirty, rotten liar."