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Hillary Slams Trump’s Economic Record In Front of Abandoned Trump Casino in Atlantic City

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has often exposed what she says is a “shameful” economic record left in Donald Trump’s wake.

“Atlantic City knows better than anyone that Donald Trump cannot do the job,” Clinton said during a campaign event in the New Jersey city.


Standing in front of an old, abandoned Trump plaza on Wednesday, Clinton shared with supporters what exactly Trump did to run Atlantic City’s economy into the ground.

The run down tower behind her, Clinton said, was predicted by Trump to be his “biggest hit yet.” Now, it’s abandoned.

Just down the road was his long neglected casino.

“You can just make out the word 'Trump' where it used to be in flashing lights,” she said. “But his presence remains.”

“What in the world happened here?” Clinton asked. “His businesses were failing long before the rest of the town was struggling,” she said, pushing back at Trump’s claim that Atlantic City just went down hill on its own.

Trump intentionally ran up huge amounts of debt, borrowed at high interest rates, defaulted those, and bankrupted businesses four times, Clinton insisted.

“He convinced other people his Atlantic City properties were a great investment,” she went on. “He rigged it so he got paid.”


When the Trump casino collapsed, hundreds of people lost their jobs, yet Donald Trump walked away with millions, she concluded.

Instead of feeling guilty, he “brags about the experience,” Clinton noted. “It’s not about how much he can build, it’s about how much he can take.”

Clinton said it’s time to make sure he doesn’t bankrupt the country like he bankrupted Atlantic City.

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