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On Sunday, a confident Hillary Clinton told Jake Tapper she intends to unify a fractured Democratic party and reach out to Bernie Sanders supporters once she (presumably) secures the delegates needed to become the nominee after Tuesday’s primaries.


“And we will come together and be prepared to go to the convention in a unified way, to make our case, to leave the convention, to go into the general election to defeat Donald Trump,” Clinton said.

Her husband apparently didn’t get the memo.

The same day her “State of the Union” interview aired, Bill Clinton was on the campaign trail mocking Sanders fans. A group of pro-Sanders hecklers interrupted the former president’s speech in East Los Angeles on Sunday, prompting Clinton to cruelly foreshadow their irrelevance. They can yell all they want, he said, but they’ll be “toast” by Election Day.

If this is how the Clintons intend to keep treating the Sanders camp, they may find a cold shoulder come November.


Sanders did try to give Clinton some friendly advice this weekend, noting it will be up to her to reach out to his supporters.

The Vermont senator said he can’t “snap my fingers” and send them into Clinton’s camp.

“It is Secretary Clinton’s job to explain to those people why she should get their support. And that means she’s going to have to address their needs,” Sanders said.

Maybe the Clintons should start by keeping the insults to a minimum.

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