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2016 RACE ROUNDUP: Trump Has a New Nickname for Hillary, Sanders Banking on Big Turnout in NY

The 2016 candidates have taken over New York as the state primary is now just hours away. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are all but guaranteed victors based on recent polling, both ahead by double digits.


Republican Primary

Donald Trump: Trump, who has a knack for giving his opponents unflattering nicknames, unveiled his new endearment for Hillary Clinton this weekend: “Crooked Hillary.” As it so happens, “crooked” was also the word he used to describe the RNC primary process, infuriated over this weekend’s Wyoming convention results, where Cruz won all the delegates. The last few contests, Trump argues, have given a disproportionate amount of power to party officials. He is expected to fare much better in New York Tuesday night. His campaign indicated it is aiming to win at least 80 of New York’s 94 delegates.

Ted Cruz: Cruz picked up 14 delegates at the Wyoming GOP convention this weekend. The senator got the endorsement of Indiana Right to Life ahead of the state’s May 3 primary, highlighting his 100 percent pro-life voting record. He is trailing in New York, however, with some polls placing him in third, behind John Kasich. The Texas senator appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday, where he responded to Trump’s condemnation of the RNC. The businessman, Cruz said, “doesn’t handle losing well.” Borrowing some of Trump’s language, Cruz told voters this weekend that we can’t nominate a “loser” to face the Democrats in November.

John Kasich: Kasich gained the endorsement of the Albany Times-Union and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval this weekend. Sandoval is rumored to be a potential running mate for the Ohio governor. Kasich received some unflattering news coverage after a campaign event in Watertown, N.Y. on Friday, where he responded to a question about sexual assault. After sharing with the audience the efforts he made in Ohio to combat the violence, such as offering students the opportunity to report crimes confidentially and introduce programs to help victims, he commented that perhaps young women should stay away from parties “where there’s a lot of alcohol.” The latter comment got him into a bit of trouble with the politically correct police and Kasich felt the need to clarify his comments on social media, insisting there’s only one person at fault in an assault: the assailant. Kasich has been courting Jewish voters, giving a speech at a New York synagogue on Saturday. The candidate is campaigning in Schenectady, N.Y. on Monday.


Democratic Primary

Hillary Clinton: Clinton had a painful interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. She avoided straight answers when Stephanopoulos asked her if she’s going to release her Wall Street transcripts, as well as whether she supports Sen. Chuck Schumer’s 9/11 bill. It put her in a tricky situation, considering the Obama White House opposes the legislation. Yet, after waffling on it, her campaign tweeted her support. Clinton picked up three editorial endorsements in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Providence Journal and Albany Times-Union. Her team released a new ad on Friday called "Came Through" which highlights her effort to open a public school for young African American men in the Bronx. Clinton has been courting the African-American vote as of late, needing to put those racially insensitive skits and crime bill controversies behind her. George Clooney hosted a fundraiser for Clinton over the weekend, where he raised an “obscene” amount of money for the former New York senator. Despite Clinton losing the last eight contests, 91 percent of Democratic voters still expect her to be their nominee.

Bernie Sanders: Sanders has been reminding New York voters every chance he can get of Clinton’s corporate ties. Not only did he hammer her on her Wall Street speeches at last week’s Democratic debate, but he has been doubling down during his rallies. Speaking of those rallies, Sanders is still drawing thousands of supporters. His campaign released a TV ad entitled "Sons of New York," which compares the Vermont senator to Franklin Roosevelt. The Vermont senator, who was born in Brooklyn, insists the polls are understating his support. Sanders is hoping his candidacy will produce the largest voter turnout in New York primary history, knowing that in contests where turnout has been high, he's often emerged as victor.   


Delegate Count


Trump - 744

Cruz - 559

Kasich - 144


Clinton - Pledged: 1,289; Super delegates: 469

Sanders - Pledged: 1,045; Super delegates: 31

Primary Schedule

Tuesday - New York primary (R/D)

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