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Hillary Clinton’s failed foreign policy record was placed in the glaring spotlight Monday night during CNN’s Democratic town hall in Des Moines, Iowa. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is surging in the first caucus polls, placed Clinton on her back feet when discussing her failed record abroad.


The two have traded spars over the issue recently, with the former secretary of state comparing Sanders to an “arsonist” trying to be a firefighter at a recent campaign event. His lack of foreign affairs experience, she argued, would spell disaster for the country. Yet, Sanders answered her attacks during Monday’s town hall by suggesting her experience does her no favors. During his time on stage, he questioned her foreign policy judgment dating back from her tenure as a New York senator, when she voted for the war in Iraq.

On Tuesday, “The Today Show” asked “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd to weigh in on the town hall and he was pretty blunt in discussing how much of a liability Clinton’s foreign policy experience will prove to be in the 2016 contest.

“She doesn’t have a good answer and it doesn’t help right now that the current national security situation in the Middle East is a mess,” he said.

Her lackluster response only “reinforced” Sanders’ point, Todd added.

By all accounts, Clinton faced a tough crowd last night – especially this young voter, who boldly told her that young people don’t trust her.

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