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Axelrod: Hillary Keeping a Private Server Was Not 'Good Judgment'

Everyone is in agreement: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should have known better than to manage classified information on a private server. Former Obama advisor David Axelrod said as much Thursday morning on CNN.


“I think it’s fair to say, and it’s been said by her and others, that the whole notion of having all your communications on a private email and your own server was not good judgment.”

Clinton’s lack of professionalism is all the more apparent in the wake of new reports. It appears that her server contained not just top secret material, but material “even more sensitive” than that.

“There is absolutely no way that one could not recognize SAP material,” a former senior law enforcement with decades of experience investigating violations of SAP procedures told Fox News. “It is the most sensitive of the sensitive.”

It’s comforting to know our national security concerns were in such safe hands.

As more and more pundits question Clinton’s judgment, more voters will likely question her ability to lead the country.

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