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It’s amazing what happens when the truth comes out.  As I wrote over the weekend, when surveys about Planned Parenthood are worded accurately – that is, informing respondents that the GOP-led Congress is not a bunch of ogres and actually wants to shift funds from the abortion giant to lifesaving pregnancy centers, a majority agrees that defunding the organization doesn’t sound so bad after all. Now, a new poll from The Polling Company reveals more of the same.


The Polling Company offered basic truths about the supposedly “women’s health” friendly Planned Parenthood, and the results were not flattering.

"When we communicate three basic truths about Planned Parenthood being the nation’s top abortion provider, that: senior officials there have been shown on video to be discussing; the harvesting and trafficking of aborted baby body parts, and; engage in one-sided partisan electioneering, support for the organizations and their taxpayer funding tumbles." 

“Tumbles” is putting it kindly. Once Americans become aware of the Center for Medical Progress’ disturbing undercover investigation, a majority of poll takers, including a majority of Democrats, support a further examination into Planned Parenthood's practices.

On a separate question, a 68%-majority of Americans, including majorities of self-identified Republicans (76%), Independents (72%), and Democrats (64%) back continued investigations based on the video allegations.

These are encouraging results. But, the next question is: Will we see these statistics on the nightly news?


Unfortunately, the media is quick to report on surveys showing the public’s support for Planned Parenthood and slow to report on the actual investigation in question. That may be largely why only 28 percent of those surveyed say they have seen any of the CMP videos.  The organization's PR nightmare has urged mainstream news outlets to do more damage control than usual.

It’s time to report the truth about Americans’ souring relationship with Planned Parenthood.

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