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FOIA Reveals Maryland NARAL’s Strategies to Close a Pro-life Pregnancy Center

A Freedom of Information Act request in Maryland has provided undeniable proof that some pro-abortion organizations are determined to shutter pro-life pregnancy centers across the country. Emails procured by Dustin Siggins of, which have just been authenticated by a Montgomery County official, have exposed the Maryland chapter of NARAL Pro-Choice America's collaboration with state officials to try and close a local pro-life pregnancy center. 


The business under attack, Centro Tepeyac Silver Spring Women’s Center, had been required by Montgomery County to post signs stating that it did not have doctors on staff, in an effort to turn women away. The ordinance was soon dropped, however, after a judge sensed a certain pro-choice bias against the center.

The emails obtained by Siggins show how NARAL had a hand in the case, and just what the chapter’s president, Jodi Finkelstein, thought of these "obviously fake abortion clinics":

The emails obtained by LifeSiteNews reveal that, unbeknownst to the public, Montgomery County dropped the case after conferring with NARAL. The county stopped defending the law the month after NARAL recommended that very action in a March 14, 2014 letter, sent a week after the judge permanently blocked the law.

“It is our hope that the Montgomery County Council (Council) will once again partner with us to ensure Montgomery Council citizens are aware of the misleading tactics used by crisis pregnancy centers," Maryland's NARAL chapter president, Jodi Finkelstein, wrote.

Although the court battle didn’t go their way, NARAL is still determined to make life hard for Centro Tepeyac. A closer look at those infamous emails reveals their strategies for doing so, such as restricting these pro-life centers' advertising rights, and instructing county officials not to refer women to crisis pregnancy centers for ultrasounds, a procedure which often convinces mothers to reject abortion.


Pro-life activists have also done their fair share to shut down abortion clinics, with over a dozen shuttered in Texas last year alone, thanks to the pro-life law HB 2. Yet, there's a major difference. Fewer abortion clinics means more mothers choosing life for their children, whereas, fewer pregnancy centers means fewer opportunities to find the care and encouragement they need to carry their child to term. The difference is life and death.

For more information on this misleading pro-abortion strategy, take a look at this piece I wrote in November of 2012, entitled, “The Unconstitutional Attack on Pro-life Pregnancy Centers.”


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