Beltway GOP Supporting Pro-Choice Over Pro-Life Candidate in Oregon

Posted: Mar 25, 2014 12:15 PM

In the 2012 GOP platform, the language is clear on abortion:

“Faithful to the “self-evident” truths enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, we assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed.”

Now, however, in a move that suggests the GOP is trying to distance itself from this controversial social issue in order to pick a winning candidate, the Beltway establishment is endorsing Monica Wehby, a pro-abortion candidate, over pro-life Jason Conger in Oregon.

Wehby has insisted she is “personally pro-life,” but:

“I believe this is a personal decision between a woman and her family, not a woman and the federal government,” Wehby said.

This is no different than the argument Vice President Joe Biden used in the vice presidential debate against Paul Ryan in 2012. Although Biden said he "accepts" the Catholic Church's doctrine on abortion, he refused to "impose it on others."

Yet, despite Wehby’s comments, Republican senators such as Susan Collins, Saxby Chambliss and Richard Burr have all contributed to Wehby’s campaign. Meanwhile, 40 percent of Monica Wehby’s itemized contributions have come from out-of-state, suggesting conservatives in her own state are not too enthralled with her policy stances. To make a comparison, pro-abortion Wendy Davis has received millions of dollars in donations for her gubernatorial campaign in Texas, but a majority of those funds have come from liberal outside sources such as New York and California.

Wehby is certainly an impressive candidate. I mean, she’s a pediatric surgeon who performs brain surgeries and has come up with her own alternative to Obamacare. And her victory in the GOP Senate primary polls proves she's a winnable candidate. But, Conger’s success story is just as worthy of an endorsement. The Harvard Law graduate worked his way through law school after being abandoned by his mother and enduring periods of homelessness. More importantly, however, he’s right on the issue of life.

Oregon Right to Life has recognized this and is gladly endorsing Conger. Gayle Atteberry, the executive director of Oregon Right to Life, made that even clearer in a special message for the GOP establishment:

I have a simple request: Stay out of our state, and let us choose the best person to represent our values to be on the ballot this November.

Granted, if Wehby is nominated by her party, she would be a better choice than Democrat Jeff Merkley, who has a 100 percent rating on abortion from both NARAL and Planned Parenthood. But, it’s clear Conger is the candidate who would fight hardest for the unborn.

Oregon needs someone who will fight for ALL Oregonians – including those in the womb.