Cruz Responds to his House of Cards ‘Character’

Posted: Feb 20, 2014 11:30 AM

The Netflix series House of Cards has been both praised and criticized for its portrayal of DC politics. The show has become so popular, it’s near impossible to avoid the name Frank Underwood on Twitter.

It's another character, however - Sen. Curtis Haas - who is causing a bit of controversy, thanks to his noticeable likeness to Tea Party hero Senator Ted Cruz.

A few key details make the Cruz comparison plausible: First, Haas is referred to as a “Tea Party Bullhorn.” This metaphorical label certainly applies to Cruz and recently was by a Time article, which stated that his “Tea Party megaphone gives him national reach and fundraising firepower.” No one can deny Cruz’s popularity with the Tea Party and Haas is portrayed as equally popular. If only they had stated outright that he hailed from Texas.

Cruz went on the Michael Berry radio show to respond to the similarities:

“Have you seen the character some are saying is patterned on you?

“I have to admit I laughed out loud when I saw that [...] It’s Hollywood’s portrayal of what a Tea Party senator would be like.”

And then pointed out the obvious flaws:

“In the show, the character blocks entitlement reform that it would strengthen Social Security and Medicare. Listen l campaigned on entitlement reform to strengthen Soc. Sec. and Medicare, so the idea I would block that was ludicrous.”

So why would House of Cards introduce a character who seemed to portray a Tea Party character so negatively? Cruz offered his best guess:

“As only Hollywood could, they can’t imagine a conservative who can count to ten.”

What do you think? Is his House of Cards personality accurate, or just a ridiculous caricature Hollywood is using to indirectly mock him?