Happy 'World Contraception Day'

Posted: Sep 26, 2013 12:15 PM

That’s right. Today, nations around the world will be celebrating a future in which 'all pregnancies are wanted' and contraception is all-accessible.

I hope I’m not alone when I say I’m offended by the term, ‘unwanted pregnancy.’ ‘Unplanned’ I get, but ‘unwanted?’ Life is a gift -- it should be celebrated.

Nevertheless, today several countries will recognize the 10th annual World Contraception Day and promote this year’s theme: ‘It’s your life; it’s your future.' Funny how this motto ignores the unborn child’s potential life and future.

World Contraception Day supporters in Europe are lamenting the fact that in almost one third of all EU member states, contraceptives are not covered under public health insurance schemes. Contraceptive coverage for employees has been a heated issue here in America, as religious organizations fight for religious liberty and try to avoid sacrificing their moral conscience in having to provide free birth control.

Another questionable aspect of today’s birth control bash is the list of NGOs sponsoring the universal event. One such organization is the Population Council, whose mission is “to help achieve a humane, equitable, and sustainable balance between people and resources.” Sounds a lot like population control to me. In fact, #familyplanning was the discussion today on Twitter, as users tweeted the hashtag in conjunction with #WCDchat.

While these participants may think their cause is admirable, I say, forget the chemicals. What’s better for women’s health than natural family planning?

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