Taylor Swift Attacked for Saying She Had A Good Year

Posted: Dec 15, 2017 12:15 PM
Taylor Swift Attacked for Saying She Had A Good Year

So yeah, 2017 was kind of rough for a lot of people, just like, oh, I don't know, every year since the dawn of humanity. 

Taylor Swift, on the other hand, posted on Instagram (on her birthday!) thanking her fans and saying that she "couldn't have asked for a better year." For some reason, people are weirdly upset about this.

And then the hot takes began. Given that people are still fuming that Swift has chosen to stick to music and not discuss politics, condemn President Donald Trump, or comment on literally anything besides her chosen career path, perhaps this isn't all too shocking. 

(Former) "Beyonce Professor" Kevin Allred was particularly perturbed by Swift daring to enjoy herself.

By all metrics, Swift did have a pretty good year. Her new album, "reputation," has been certified 3x Platinum and is, in this author's opinion, an absolute banger. She won a sexual assault case (for a symbolic $1) and was an important part of the cultural shift inspiring women to share their experiences. 

This year was the year Swift proved everyone wrong--people were calling her a "pop culture pariah" as late as August while Katy Perry went on bizarre temper tantrum-esque rants about her. Even the controversial "verified fan" presale actually went off without too big of a hitch, leading to happy fans who got tickets to her shows without having to deal with scalpers. (See ya on July 10!) And for good measure, her best friend got married this year. 

All of this would add up to a pretty good year for just about anyone, and it's not bad or annoying for Swift to say as much. Shouting down Swift, or calling her names, or saying she's sheltered or clueless won't make anyone's life any happier or better. Tearing someone down doesn't build anybody else up. Swift clearly worked her behind off this year, and it paid off. She should enjoy herself. 

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Happy belated birthday, Taylor Swift. Let's hope 2018 is just as amazing.