Hillary Clinton To Receive 'Wonder Woman' Award

Posted: Oct 20, 2017 5:15 PM
Hillary Clinton To Receive 'Wonder Woman' Award

Hillary Clinton will receive the Women's Media Center's "Wonder Woman" award next week at the Women's Media Awards, the group announced earlier this week. Clinton is the first person to receive this award. 

Group co-founder Gloria Steinem cited Clinton's "grace, grit, determination, integrity, humor and fortitude" as reasons why she is worthy of the "Wonder Woman" award. Steinem also said that Clinton has "inspired and protected" people around the world with her actions. 

“Hillary Clinton’s actions have inspired and protected women and men on every continent,” Gloria Steinem, co-founder of the Women’s Media Center, said in a statement Friday.

“She has battled negative forces and helped to maintain a fragile peace with her negotiating skill on behalf of this country and peace-seekers everywhere. She has handled all this with grace, grit, determination, integrity, humor and fortitude while remaining a steadfast feminist, advocate, activist, sister and tireless leader in the revolution. With this award, the Women’s Media Center declares Hillary Clinton our Wonder Woman,” Steinem added.

This is the first Wonder Woman accolade ever awarded by the group, which cited Clinton's decades of global accomplishments and public service among the reasons she was chosen for the honor.

Personally, I can think of about a dozen women who are more deserving of this sort of award than Hillary Clinton, but to each their own, I guess.