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Golden State Warriors Reportedly To Skip White House Visit UPDATE: Team Says No Decision Made

UPDATE: In a statement released on Tuesday, the team clarified that it has not yet made a decision on whether or not to visit the White House, if invited.

"Today is about celebrating our championship. We have not received an invitation to the White House, but will make those decisions, when and if necessary," the team said in a statement.

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The newly-crowned NBA Champions the Golden State Warriors may be skipping out on the customary White House celebratory visit. According to several sources on Twitter, one of whom cited a "unanimous team decision," the team will not be visiting the White House any time soon.

Of course, none of this is confirmed and it could all wind up being fake news. While it certainly isn't unusual for individual players to skip the White House visit (for either political or other reasons), an entire team skipping would be rather unprecedented. The Warriors visited the White House when they won in 2015.

Members of the Golden State Warriors' organization, including star player Steph Curry and head coach Steve Kerr, have both criticized Trump in the past. Kerr called Trump a "blowhard" who was unqualified to be president.

The Warriors took down the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games to win the NBA Championship.

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