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Trump Visits Church of the Holy Sepulchre; Western Wall

Shortly after arriving in Israel, President Donald Trump and his wife Melania made visits to some of the world's holiest sites: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wall. Trump is the first sitting president to visit both of these sites.

The Trumps visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is believed to be the site of the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They were greeted by clergy from the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Armenian churches upon arrival. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is unique in that three denominations--Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Armenian Apostolic--each share control of the church.

After departing the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Trumps went to the Western Wall. The Western Wall is the holiest site where Jewish people are permitted to pray. Trump left a note in the wall, as is custom, and appeared to say a silent prayer.

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