Daily Show Host Suggests That Trump Is On Drugs

Posted: Apr 21, 2017 12:30 PM

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah suggested on Thursday that President Trump has been high on marijuana for the duration of his presidency. Noah said that the president's confusion on certain things, plus his rather bizarre mention of food when discussing the Syria strike, were evidence that the president is using drugs. Noah even showed an edited video of Trump's interview on Fox where he appeared to take a hit off of a bong before describing the strike.

Noah also mocked Attorney General Jeff Sessions' opposition to weed, and joked that he resembled a Keebler elf. He also made note of the numerous news reporters who awkwardly made note of the significance of April 20 as a holiday of sorts for marijuana users.

Watch the full clip here:

While parts of the video were indeed quite funny (always love a good awkward video), it's hard to imagine Barack Obama being given similar treatment for various missteps. It's not as though Trump is the first president to mix things up or jumble words--the president is a human, and these things happen and have happened and will continue to happen.