SNL Does Love Actually Parody Urging Republican Electors To Ditch Trump

Posted: Dec 19, 2016 1:00 PM

In what seems to be a somewhat rare occasion these days, sometimes "Saturday Night Live" manages to be funny. This past Saturday was one of those times, when the show brought back Kate McKinnon's outstanding portrayal of Hillary Clinton for a Love Actually-inspired video. In the sketch, McKinnon tries to convince the elector to vote for anyone other than Donald Trump, including John Kasich, 20-year-old actress Zendaya, actor The Rock, or an actual rock.

Watch the clip here: the desperation is real.

Although Clinton won the popular vote, it remains a fact that the popular vote is not how the president is elected. Officially, nobody should be trying to win the popular vote (although we now know that Clinton inexplicably wasted resources doing just this). The Electoral College is what both candidates were trying to win. Donald Trump won this vote, and Clinton did not. All candidates agreed going into the election that the national popular vote does not matter. It's nothing but sour grapes to try to claim it does now.

The Electoral College votes today, and all signs are indicating that Donald Trump will officially be elected president. Sorry, SNL.