That Little Girl From The Anti-Nuke "Daisy" Ad Is Back And Accusing Trump Of Wanting Nuclear War

Posted: Oct 31, 2016 11:30 AM

Back in 1964, an ad for Lyndon B. Johnson featured a little girl tearing petals off a daisy that faded into a countdown for the launch of a nuclear bomb. The ad, which only aired once, said that "the stakes are too high" to not vote for Johnson and that voting for Goldwater would result in nuclear war and destruction.

Now, the woman from the "Daisy ad" is back, and she's voting for Hillary Clinton. In a new ad, Monique Luiz, who played the little girl in the first commercial, says that she cannot believe that once again, there is the potential for nuclear war. The ad also has clips of Donald Trump saying that he is open to the idea of using nuclear weapons.

Watch here: